The Westminster Conference

The Westminster Conference meets for two days each year, usually in December. During the conference, six papers are presented, three on each day, examining the history, doctrine and practice of people, events and churches associated with the Puritans, their forebears and successors. The perspective is that of evangelical and reformed Biblical Christianity, focusing on central gospel themes such as grace, faith, atonement and justification and the outworking of the gospel in the lives of believers.

God with us and for us

Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th December 2017


Day 1

1. The immediate work of the Spirit (Stephen Clark)
2. The felt presence of God (Guy Davies)
3. Calvin on worship and praise ( Andy Young)

Day 2

1. Jacob Arminius and his legacy (Phil Arthur)
2. The Synod of Dort (Benedict Bird)
3. William Williams, Pantycelyn ( Mark Thomas)

All titles are currently provisional.