The Westminster Conference

The Westminster Conference meets for two days each year, usually in December. During the conference, six papers are presented, three on each day, examining the history, doctrine and practice of people, events and churches associated with the Puritans, their forebears and successors. The perspective is that of evangelical and reformed Biblical Christianity, focusing on central gospel themes such as grace, faith, atonement and justification and the outworking of the gospel in the lives of believers.

The 2021 conference will be held on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th December, at Regent’s Hall in Oxford Street, London. PLEASE NOTE that, for this year only, the conference will start on a MONDAY. This is due to booking difficulties at Regent’s Hall this year.

The theme of the conference is ‘My kingdom is not of this world’. Subjects to be explored include:

      • Church-State relationships and questions of Christian liberty
      • The Huguenots
      • The Marrow Controversy
      • Stephen Charnock and regeneration
      • What is an evangelical?
      • Benjamin Beddome.

Full details are available in the brochure. Brochure 2021

You can book by printing the booking form from the brochure and sending it, completed, to the secretary at the address given on the back page; or online here.